When choosing a candidate to support, it helps people to know who else is on the team.  We are very proud of the broad spectrum of support Stephen Willison has in this community.  Will you join us?  Add YOUR name to the growing list of people who know that Stephen Willison has the judgment we want and the experience we need for Circuit Court Judge!

Then go to Facebook and make a post tagging @VoteWillison in the text!  Use your own reasons, or just copy this:

I am supporting Stephen Willison for Kent County Circuit Court Judge! Learn more about him @VoteWillison.  He has 25 years of courtroom litigation experience.  He is a small business owner, life long resident, husband of 24 years and father of NINE children.  We need a rule of law judge who will be just, fair, informed and prepared.  I think Stephen Willison has the Judgment we want and the Experience we need!

Will you endorse?