The Judgment We Want


No one wants to end up in court, but when we do, we want a judge who is fair-minded and knows how everything should work. As a gifted courtroom attorney, who has actually tried tough cases in court rooms all over the state, Stephen knows the impact of judges and the difference between good ones and bad ones.



Putting it in the simplest of terms, Steve does what needs to be done. He exposes fraud and keeps people honest. He helps his community any way he can. He's there for his family no matter the circumstance. There is a lot that goes into doing what needs to be done, but all of Steve’s experiences have prepared him to be a great Judge. 


Fire_Scene_004.jpgSteve is understanding and compassionate but expects the best from those around him. He is firm in his beliefs, but not afraid to consider other points of view. You can see it in his work, in his community activities and in his home. He seeks whatever the truth is, and once he’s found it, we can trust him to do what needs to be done.


Steve Willison will be a great judge!  He is a born leader. He's not afraid to be the one responsible and does not shy away from accountability.  He considers all sides and does not hesitate to provide a decision on what he thinks is right. Additionally, his litigation experience makes him extremely aware of Rules of Evidence and procedure. He is and always has been very comfortable in the courtroom. His combination of leadership and knowledge will be the perfect blend for Kent County.



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